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Abortion Unforgiveness Advice

Abortion Unforgiveness Advice
Advice Consultation: $49.95

It happened. It could have been yesterday. It could have been many years ago. But, it happened. Now, you feel regret. You feel horrible. You feel grief, sorrow, pain, anger - even unforgiveness of yourself or others. You want to reverse that action; but, you can't. You mourn or even suffer with self-hatred, condemnation and hopelessnes.

Do not suffer any longer.

Someone died for you and even for that child, many years ago. This person died to take away all pain, shame, sorrow, brokenness, hopelessness, failure, condemnation and unforgiveness that you may feel. Do not allow shame to smother your life. Do not allow hurt and sorrow to cripple your being. Talk with us. We are to comfort, support and encourage. We are here to help you. We are here to laugh with you, to cry with you, to build you up, to pour out love and sow the good Word into your heart.

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